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This is a small mod using Vlambeer's Wasteland Kings. It has Player Vs. Player in it and will add 2 more V's and P's to that in the future. WARNING: PVP works as a couch styled everyone-comes-over mode, so no over the internet or home network, just one system, a mouse and keyboard, and a controller or two.

HI, READ ME: Update 0.4 will be uploaded, but then I will stop so I can get this game in good enough shape for it to actually be released. I will leave the download links in the page, but nothing will be new until a month or two afterwards.

Main Features: New characters, guns, 2 new game modes which are Player Vs. Player (PVP) and Chaos, and (poorly) implemented controller support (press g while in game).

Plans in Order: More Characters, weapons, bug squishing, PVP fixing, controller tuning, THEN balancing, new areas and enemies.

Known Bugs: Random freezing in-game, mutations not working properly, crashing when jumping straight into chaos (workaround is starting regular game, quit to menu, choose chaos, then character.)

Is the game finished?: God, no. This game is basically in an alpha state.

Will the mod be moved into the update 98?: Maybe, I want to make this a game by my design, feel as my own.

Shouldn't you start from the ground up if you want it to be your own?: I won't. I plan on this being a total conversion mod, improve and change the animations and sprites. I will keep the original five characters as a reminder that this is built upon Vlambeer's work.

More information

Published 1 year ago
StatusIn development
TagsAction-Adventure, Arcade, PvP
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2

Install instructions

Just run the installer to install.


Champions of the Wastes.exe (13 MB)
Champions of the WastesInstaller.exe (14 MB)
UPDATE LOG 0.3.txt (419 bytes)


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I like the PvP! But might i ask how you got the code onto Studio?

I got it from switching versions to the first build on steam, but getting it from the official site is better. I then used a GM 8.1 decompiler.

That explains a lot o3o