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Updated December 10th, 2017

In Nuclear Throne Together (https://yellowafterlife.itch.io/nuclear-throne-together), play as O.W.L (O.bsessed W.ith L.oot), a one gun toting thief who does not want a run in with Y.V in, oh, a few hundred years at best. Stats are as follows:

Carries one gun (because where would he store his loot with the other one?), flies to quickly traverse, generally gets more ammo for his gun (not a part of this mod), and, best of all, he is more accurate with his weapons! No, not as good as pi- Eagle Eyes, but far better than the roided science freak he stole these fancy goggles from after breaking out of containment.

So whats different from the previous O.W.L? Well, his large portrait isn't literally a potato anymore and his flight animation was changed and flight was buffed from (game maker time) 30/60 units (non throne butt/throne butt) to 60/120. I should have changed a ton more but I'm lazy.

And now for some questions.

Q: Is he a good character? A: ... erm... moving on.

Q: Will he be better? A: Will you stop attacking his weak points?

Q: Why can't you answer questions you made up? A: ... shut up, me.

Install instructions

Unpack the folder into the Mods folder in Nuclear Throne Together.

Mod characters not working? Try removing you're save files from C/Users/name/appdata/local/nuclearthrone, hopefully it gets fixed.


owl.zip 19 kB

Development log


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This mod is pretty bad

Thanks, I try my best. This is my first character anyway, never said it was actually good.